What Makes a Safe Daycare?

What makes a childcare center safe? 

Licensure should be the first box any daycare should check. A licensed daycare will meet minimum standards for staff accreditation, safety, sanitization, and nutrition. What sets quality daycares above average is when the daycare goes above and beyond the minimum standards. 

Here are some key areas to keep in mind when you’re looking for childcare.

Safety Policies

Some preschools are lax in their safety policies, such as letting the staff’s family members or friends inside during business hours. Letting any visitor into the building is a huge red flag. At Crestwood Preschool Academy, we keep a tight rein on who we allow in the building so you don’t have to worry about strangers watching your children.

Our security cameras record everything in the building, playground, and parking lot. Additionally, our playground area is shielded from most foot and automobile traffic. 

Sanitation Policies

In a post-pandemic world, everyone must be even more careful to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. That includes daycares!

There are three primary ways daycares can practice proper sanitation for safety:

  • Hand Washing: Staff must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently. Modeling these sanitary behaviors also helps children develop safe sanitation habits.
  • Toy Sanitation: Toys need daily cleaning, especially in younger classrooms where children put everything in their mouths. A facility should clean toys throughout the day and before closing.
  • Building Sanitation: Toilets, floors, and sinks should be cleaned with a bleach solution regularly. Additionally, the building should be routinely checked for mold, termites, water damage, and more.  

At Crestwood Preschool Academy, we do our share in preventing the spread of viruses and illnesses. Although illness will still occur, we carefully train and hold our staff accountable to our sanitation policies. 

Safe Employee Policies

Daycare employees must be background checked and maintain certain health standards to be employed by a daycare. However, checking these boxes doesn’t make a staff member automatically a good teacher or role model.

At Crestwood Preschool Academy, we are picky in our hiring process. We want the best teachers and staff so we can provide quality childcare and early education! Our teachers are skilled with classroom management, peacemaking skills, and early childhood education, and are all-around great role models for children.

Crestwood Preschool Academy is proud to offer an outstanding educational and fun curriculum that prepares your child for kindergarten per state academic standards.

Contact Crestwood Preschool Academy today if you’re looking to give your child a head start in school!

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