The Importance of Preschool Relationships

Your preschooler grows exponentially every day. They’re always learning something new, whether letters and numbers, a new joke, or riding a bike or scooter.

One of the best ways to solidify their new skills is by providing opportunities to apply them in different scenarios. For instance, your child may know their alphabet by matching puzzle pieces but expands their world by looking at the alphabet in a library book or video.

While focusing on academic skills is easy, social skills are equally important. Children can be gently challenged to grow socially through various settings to play, problem-solve, and practice social skills. Daycare and preschool are one of the best settings to accomplish this!

Practice Essential Social Skills

Children face a lot of uncertainty and awkwardness when developing new relationships. But with ample opportunities, children can practice essential relational skills such as introducing themselves, asking questions, apologizing, and playing by the rules. These skills are crucial not just for kindergarten, but for their whole life.

Encourage Empathy

Preschoolers are beginning to understand empathy–the ability to feel how someone else feels. However, it takes a lot of practice to correctly interpret facial expressions, body language, tone, and words. Having compassion towards their friend and following through with considerate action takes lots of encouragement and practice.

Foster Flexibility

Healthy relationships have flexibility–even childhood relationships! Children must learn to problem-solve, resolve conflict, share, and compromise. Children in daycare have a teacher to help guide and facilitate flexibility and model peacemaking skills. These invaluable skills benefit children for long past the preschool years.


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