Quality Daycare: What Is It?

Not all daycares are the same. Some daycares go above and beyond to provide the safest, cleanest, and most educational space possible, while others are content to meet only the minimum state standards.

While every parent wants their child enrolled in a high-quality daycare, they can be hard to find. What things should you look for in quality daycare? Here are three characteristics of quality daycare:

A Safe, Clean Space

Caring for dozens of children can get messy very quickly. It’s vital that daycare staff sanitize their rooms, toys, and educational materials often to reduce the spread of germs.

The daycare space should also be safe: toys should be age-appropriate, first aid kits should be available, cleaning supplies should be locked away from a child’s reach, shelves should be anchored to the wall, and more. 

Stimulating Schedule and Environment

Childcare is more than making sure children stay out of trouble, eat their veggies, and get a nap on time. The daycare’s environment is what will shape your child’s understanding of the world, their creativity, and their drive to learn. 

Some daycares may skimp on creating a learning schedule and sticking to it. But at Crestwood Preschool Academy, we use quality curriculum for our classes to ensure children’s development is stimulated by age-appropriate gross and fine motor tasks, music, and early childhood education.

Even babies and toddlers have a schedule! These young children grow exponentially when exposed to music, books, and simple arts and crafts. 

Licensed Business and Staff

Daycares must be licensed by the state of Kentucky in order to operate legally. These licenses must be renewed annually. Check to ensure your daycare has a valid business license. You can also view if your daycare ever had a lapsed or revoked license. 

Daycares are required by law only to employ staff who have undergone a background check and maintain certain health qualifications, like a negative TB test. 

What sets quality daycares above average daycares is when staff continues to grow in their childcare skills. Seminars, conferences, or in-house training are great ways to maintain a high standard of childcare. 

At Crestwood Preschool Academy, we check all the boxes for quality childcare! Our curriculum and schedule are exciting for all ages, we maintain a safe and sanitary space, our business is licensed and our staff continues to grow in their field. If you’re looking for quality childcare in the Crestwood area, check out Crestwood Preschool Academy!

Crestwood Preschool Academy is proud to offer an outstanding educational and fun curriculum that prepares your child for kindergarten per state academic standards.

Contact Crestwood Preschool Academy today if you’re looking to give your child a head start in school!

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